Monday, February 13, 2012

Mascara Wave #7 - Urband Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara

This mascara is great but I would never buy it.  That's odd.  Let me explain.  My biggest problem with my eyelashes is volume.  They are long enough and they have a natural curl (don't hate) but there aren't many of them.  This mascara has the comb-like brush and goes on very nicely.  It gives a lot of length and definition.  Unfortunately, it doesn't really plump them up.  It also looks super dark.  That surprises me.  I usually think black is black.  Well, somehow this black is black-er.  It doesn't smudge and, they sell the trial size online for $10.  I wish more companies did this.  One thing I am discovering about mascara is that 3 months is the max time you should use the same tube.  A trial size is really all you need.  So, if you are looking to take your lashes to great lengths, give this a try!,default,sc.html

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