Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tools of the Trade

As much as I love beauty products, I am usually satisfied with whatever method of application they come with.  However, there are a few essential tools that every woman should have.  The most important is a good pair (or two) of tweezers.  As far as I'm concerned, buying anything besides Tweezerman is a waste of money.  You would think tweezers would be fairly standard and I don't know why Tweezerman are so much better...I just know they are.  I have a pair in my make-up bag and one at home.  I have a friend who keeps them in her car because you often see so much more in the harsh light of day.  I personally prefer the slant edge because you can use the tips for ingrown hairs or splinters but you have a larger surface for plucking eyebrows, etc.

My second recommendation would be a good blush brush.  The ones that come with blush are never fluffy enough to do a good job.  More often than not, you end up with two streaks and most people cannot pull that off.  I like a retractable brush because it keeps it shape better and keeps your make up bag cleaner.  I like this travel one from Sephora because it's big enough to work but compact enough to fit even in your purse.

My third suggestion is an eyelash comb.  None of the mascaras I've reviewed (and there are more to come!) has been able to perfectly separate all of my lashes.  A quick run through with an eyelash comb can turn an otherwise so-so mascara into something great.  I went with Tweezerman on this too but I think any brand would work.  Just be careful when using them because they are very sharp.  I've ended up with tiny finger punctures more than once!

Last but not least, most women will want to have an eyelash curler.  I am lucky enough to not need one but I have seen what a difference it can make.  I've read that you are supposed to use it before applying mascara but I think it lasts longer if you do it after (and after you use your eyelash comb too).  Make sure to clean it before each use or you will end up with dried clumps on your sexy new lashes and no one wants that!

Of course there is a huge array of beauty tools available but, in my opinion, these are the ones that are essential to looking your best.

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