Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eye shadows by Clinque (chubby stick), Bobbi Brown and Sephora

Every now and then I decide I need to start wearing eye shadow again and start searching for the perfect one.  This time I ended up with three. 

First was the Chubby Stick for Eyes by Clinique.  It comes in 12 lovely shades and I went with the Portly Plum.  The color is beautiful and I like that you just turn it to get more (instead of using a sharpener) but otherwise it didn't live up to my expectations.  It is a sheer color that is supposed to be buildable but I found it did not go on smoothly or evenly.  Even when I tried to rub it in, it didn't really work.

My second try was Bobbi Brown's eye shadow in Cement.  BB has a great reputation but I've never really gotten around to trying her products.  This color in particular got very good reviews as a great neutral color.  It is described as a grey-beige and I would say it leans toward the beige side.  It's a nice color although maybe a little too dark for me if that's all I'm wearing (my dark circles are on my eyelids as well so sometimes colors are hard to see).  It goes on nicely and has pretty good staying power.  I haven't tried it with a primer but I'm sure it would only help.  It definitely did not have the problem of the Sephora brand below.

Last was the Colorful Eye Shadow from Sephora in Coffee Shimmer.  The color was nice but when I was applying it, it crumble and ended up under my eyes and on my face.  It got returned right away.

So, for now I've mostly given up on eye shadow.  Out of these three, the Bobbi Brown is the only one I'd try again, I'd just get a different color.




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