Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maybelline Lash Stiletto® Voluptuous® Washable Mascara

It comes in a stiletto shaped container! How could I resist? I buy a lot of mascara, always searching for the perfect one that will make my eyelashes so thick it will look like I am wearing eyeliner (while looking like I'm not wearing anything, of course). I'm not even sure what made me try this mascara but I'm glad I did. The brush has a strange curve to it but somehow it works. It deposits more mascara on the outer lashes where it is needed. It coats the lashes making them look fuller in just one coat without clumping together. I like to do coats. I do my right eye, then the left, then back to the right, and the left again. You don't want the mascara to dry completely between coats but this allows it to get a little tacky. Although I can't say I have found the perfect mascara, I will continue to use this until the next irresistable ad comes along.

Tip 1: Most women keep their mascara too long. It's better to buy a cheaper brand and get a new one at least every 3 months (I usually get one every 2 months) than to buy a more expensive brand and keep using it.

Tip 2: I highly recommend watching an expert video on how to apply mascara. You could learn something that will totally change your "outlook!"

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