Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment

I have been searching a long time to find a way to smooth my thick, coarse hair. I have straightened it with chemical relaxers (usually Ogilve straightener), used a straightening iron, and countless leave-in conditioners and anti-frizz products to no avail. Perhaps it is the humid Washington DC weather that can't be conquered but I keep trying. My latest attempt is this at-home treatment from Organix* I have friends who have had success with salon treatments, both Brazilian and Japanese but I cringe at spending that much money. Especially on the Brazilian treatment which is temporary. While some salons offer an Express Treatment, I thought I'd give it a try by myself.

The product: the box comes with the straightening "cream," pre-treatment shampoo and pastic gloves. The shampoo is just a clarifying shampoo and you could use any brand but I used theirs for the first treatment. It is creamy and smells like coconut. Once you wash your hair (once or twice), you towel dry it 80%.

The application: separate your hair into sections and, using your hands (with the gloves), put the treatment cream on your hair in small sections being careful not to oversaturate. This is important later. Once you have the cream on your hair (you should NOT use the entire bottle), let it sit for 30 minutes. The smell of the straightening cream is quite strong but not bad exactly. It does stay with you for the 48 hours until you can wash it.

Finishing: using a blow dryer and paddle brush, dry your hair while pulling it straight. Then, using a very hot flat iron (they recommend 400-450 degrees), iron the hair in small sections going over each section 7-10 times. My hair was already pretty straight from the last time I used Ogilve and my iron doesn't get that hot. I did 5 or 6 passes for each section at 375 degrees. It takes a lot of time so put on some music or a tv show! The only thing I really didn't like is that there was remnants of the products in my hair, on my brush and flat iron, and on my shirt. However, I think this may be due to using too much on certain sections so I will use less the next time.

The results: so far, pretty fantastic. Once I was able to wash my hair, it felt so much better. It is very straight and shiny. I don't even have to use the straightening attachment I got on my new blow dryer. As far as frizz, it seems to be less frizzy but DC had to pick this week to cool down so it hasn't been throroughly tested. I will update when we get back up in temperatures. All in all, I think this is worth trying if you don't have the money to spend in salons. If possible, it's always nice to have a friend help you.


* Don't let the name fool you. As with any product which changes the structure of your hair, this treatment is not organic or natural. If you are worried about chemicals, I suggest you research the ingredients.

Update 1: After 3 washes (and one "air dry"), I can tell my hair is definitely less frizzy. Even after being in drizzly or humid weather.

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