Monday, September 24, 2012


I don't use a lot of hairspray, usually just a little on my bangs.  Lately I've been using Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Working hairspray in a trial size I got with a sampling of their products.  Before that I was using Redken Quick Dry 18 which I discovered while in a friend's wedding.  I really liked that one but I found the big can constantly got stopped up.  I HATE THAT!  So, I've been using the Alterna and not thinking much about it.  But then I ran out.  Thinking hairspray is hairspray, I picked up a trial size of Nexxus.  I don't remember what kind but it was in a gold can with a black top.  The first time I used it was shocking.  It came out in almost a stream.  If I held my arm as far away as I could while still pointing the product at my head, it was almost ok.  But it also has a really strong scent.  I mean, you can smell it all day long.  It had to go.  Next up is an anti-humidity hairspray from Garnier.  It comes out fine and the scent is subtle and pleasant.  Unfortunately, it doesn't really work.  It doesn't hold my hair in place and I mostly can't even tell I have it on.  I mean, I'm not looking for crunchy 80s hair but I can usually feel a difference.

The point of all this is that, like most products, there are good and bad hairsprays.  If you thought they were all the same and aren't really happy with your current spray, I would give something else a try.  As for me, I will be ordering more Alterna stat!

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