Thursday, September 6, 2012

Conair MiniPro 1/2" Ceramic Straightener

No matter how much product or time I put into my hair in the morning, if it is rainy or humid out, I come in to work looking like I've been possessed by Zuul.
Once here, my options for fixing it were limited...until now.  I discovered this mini straightener after trying to Amika.  I loved the idea of it but it way too hot.  I could barely even hold it and I was afraid I was going to burn myself.  So, I returned it and tried this.  Unfortunately, one of the things you lose when going so small is the option for different heat settings.  This one also gets very hot but there are ridges on the handle before the plates and, if you stay behind them, it's fine.  One of the benefits of it getting hot is that you can also use it to curl your hair.  Now, this isn't going to straighten (or curl) like a full size iron.  The plates are only 1/2" thick.  But it does a great job for touch ups on my thick hair and to do my bangs.  I actually find it easier to work with than my full size straightener although I'm not ready to give that up entirely!

If you have weather-challenged hair, I highly recommend this product.  It heats up very quickly and it comes with a cute, heat resistant pouch so it's great even when you don't have time to let it cool all the way down.
(It's hard to see the ruler but it is about 6 inches long [about the size a checkbook])

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