Monday, December 10, 2012

Clairol Root Touch-Up

Do you ever look in the mirror and have an "ack!" moment where you realize your greys have taken over your whole head?  That's what happened to me last week.  (For the record, it also often happens to me with my eyebrows.  I don't notice for weeks and then all of a sudden realize I look like Bert.)  I couldn't wait to order color from eSalon and I had a package of Clairol's Root Touch-Up at home.  I decided it would have to do to cover up the worst spots.

It comes with the color and developer, plastic gloves, a small tray, and a small application brush.  You use the brush to mix the color and developer in the tray and then apply it with the brush.  I mentioned in my eSalon review that I love applying color with a brush now and this is no exception.  It goes on easily and I feel like the brush really gets it through your hair.  You leave it on for 15-20 and then rinse.  No need to wash your hair.  I however had a huge need to wash my hair at the time so I did with color friendly shampoo. 

It did a good job of covering my greys and the color did match my hair/previous color.  I would say within 5-7 days many greys were starting to show through again.  I suppose this could be because I washed it after but I don't really think so since it looked good at first.  And of course, this product is not meant to be a long term solution.  I think it is a good product if, say, you have a special occasion and just need a quick touch up.  You can get it on sale for a decent price and I plan to keep a box around for just such occasions in the future.

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