Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Garnier FructisTriple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Well it's a good thing my New Year's resolution wasn't to post more!  I had all these plans to do a 2012 year-end wrap up and I've got a bunch of new products to review.  However, the holidays, laziness, and a trip to Puerto Rico got in the way.  But enough about my shortcomings, let's turn to the shortcomings of this product.

Back in October 2012 I reviewed two dry oil sprays from Organix and Alterna.  Although I slightly prefer the Alterna because of the scent, I am addicted to the Organix because of the price.  I get nervous when a bottle starts getting low.  I wanted to take a fresh bottle to PR (although, as a side note, the humidity there was almost non-existent) but was unable to find it in Walmart, Target or CVS.  Apparently I am not the only one who has discovered this miracle product.  Out of frustration and my impending departure, I picked up this Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil.  The key word, as in the others I reviewed, being "dry."  The triple part comes from the combination of avacado, olive, and shea oils.

The first thing I noticed when I sprayed it on (two days before I left for my trip luckily) was that it didn't diffuse as well as the others.  It was more like a stream that just hit a small area of your hair.  I took an empty bottle of Organix and poured it in there.  I then continued to spray it like normal.  Normal for me is very liberally.  I immediately noticed this was much heavier than the Organix or Alterna sprays.  It's hard to explain how I could tell on wet hair but I could.  I stopped spraying and combed it through.  After letting my hair air dry for an hour, I went to blow dry it the rest of the way.  I kept drying and drying but my hair still was wet.  Eventually it dried most of the way but was so oily it still looked wet.  When I ran my hands through my hair, you could see the oil on them.  I had to wear my hair in a ponytail to work the next day and wash it again the next night.  Total disaster.

Now, you might think that a product you have to use less of would be better then one you have to use more.  In most cases I would agree.  However, with the Organix, you don't have to use more but you are able to if you want.  You can tailor it to your needs.  And don't forget, if you use this out of the original bottle you will probably end up with greasy looking spots on your head.  The only thing I can think that this might be good for is a pre-shampooing treatment.  You can spray it in your dry hair, leave it for a few hours and then shampoo it out.  At least it's a way to finish the bottle.  I've tried it once and it was fine but I think I'll stick to my regular routine and my liquid gold.

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