Friday, March 1, 2013

Blinc mascara

This mascara has pros and cons but the biggest plus is that it WILL NOT smudge.  Even during the most torrential cry storm, the tubes (explained later) may come off but you won't end up with streaks and smudges down your face.

I first tried this mascara shortly after it first came out in 1999 when it was still called "Kiss Me" mascara.  I loved it's staying power but wasn't too happy with how it looked on.  It made my lashes look long and spidery.  I believe they have changed the formula or the brush (maybe both) since then although I couldn't find any confirmation of that.  I've also learned some tricks and patience when applying mascara.

This mascara forms a tiny tube around your lash that somehow seals onto it.  You can't pull it off and it doesn't come off with a small amount of water.  However, when you want to take it off, you just splash your face liberally, in the shower or over the sink, and they slide right off.

You need to take your time when applying it.  Once it sets you can't add coats.  I feel it gives you more length than volume but you can get it to look pretty decent.  It doesn't clump much but you can use an eyelash comb before it sets for separation.  If you don't like the way it looks alone, you can try another tip from their website.  Just brush on a coat over your regular mascara.  I did that today and so far it's been good.  If I squeeze my eyelashes and gently tug on them, no color comes off. 

It seems that other brands have gotten into the mascara "tubes" game including L'Oreal which sells one for $10.95.  Look for a post on that in the future.  And Blinc has come out with an "Amplified" version although the reviews weren't very good but there are some other choices out there.  So then, if you have problems with  smudging, are going to a wedding or even just a tearjerker movie, this is the mascara for you.

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