Thursday, August 2, 2012

Updated - tarte smooth operator™ Amazonian clay finishing powder

I think I'm in love!  I was standing in line at Sephora when I saw this sample you could get with bonus points.  I opened it and spread what I thought was a sort of hard cream on the back of my hand.  It gave me a beautiful, matte finish that felt so soft.  I was so excited I got an extra one for my sister.  My intention was to keep it in my purse for touch ups when my skin gets oily, as it always does.  Imagine my dismay when I realized it was a powder.  (Not sure how I missed that in the store.)  I still tried using it with my finger and it worked ok but I found myself using it less and less.

Jump to several months later when I am cleaning out my purse to make a switch.  I decided there has to be some use for this.  I also must confess that I totally skipped over the word "finishing" in the name.  I decided to try to use it as a primer.  Lo and worked great!  I put this on with a brush before my concealer and tinted powder/sunscreen.  It seems to keep my make up in place and my face from getting too oily.  It even helps smooth out my fairy trails.  I also like that, as a powder, it doesn't add a lot of "weight."  And you can use it on top of your make up, as it is intended, as well.

I know there are a lot of primers and finishing products out there and I have had mixed results.  For now, I am going to stick with this one and may even try it in the bronze flavor.

Update 9/25/12 - I did end up trying the bronze and somehow it just wasn't the same.  It didn't give the same smooth even finish of the original and I took it back.

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