Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Philosophy hope in a jar a to z cream - Updated!

Update: after trying another BB Cream then going back to an old one that were both unsatisfactory, I decided to give this another try, mainly because I find the color to be very natural.  I've been using it for a couple of months and it's been pretty good.  It doesn't do a lot for shine control on its own but works well under my Bare Minerals loose powder.  I think it is great for a daily moisturizer to throw on most days to give you some sun protection.

As much as I love Philosophy's Purity Made Simple, many of their other products fall short.  I love most of their body washes (the Cinnamon Buns smells so real I almost tasted it) but their face and eye creams have been disappointing.  And the other two products I really like, the Supernatural and On a Clear Day primer, have been discontinued.

This BB cream falls somewhere in the middle.  It only comes in 3 colors but the medium blended nicely into my winter-pale skin (sometimes new products only come in limited colors when they are in the "trial phase").  It seemed a little thicker and harder to apply at first but, for some reason, after a week it was easier.  It gives a nice tint of color and has a20 spf sunscreen.  Like many BB creams, it is supposed to replace moisturizer and primer as well.  It does keep my skin hydrated all day and is a nice base for my Bare Minerals powder.  It stays on through the workday and into the evening.  It also hasn't caused any breakouts which is very important.  All in all it is a decent product.  So what is the problem?  The price.  It's $38 for one ounce.  That's a little surprising as I consider Philosophy to generally be reasonable for a non-drugstore brand.  If it was even 10 dollars cheaper, I would consider using it regularly but I believe there is something out there that is either cheaper or works better.,en_US,pd.html

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