Monday, October 1, 2012

eos Lip Balm - smooth sphere

I was standing in line at Target waiting to check out when I spotted this lip balm.  The egg shape immediately peaked my curiosity as did the pink color.  It also said 95% organic and 100% natural so, being the good little impulse buyer that I am, I threw it on the conveyor belt.  I tried it as soon as I got home.  All you do is twist the top and apply the (also egg-shaped) balm to your lips.  I ended up with Strawberry Sorbet and it smells and tastes wonderful (not that I recommend eating it!).  It's a little weird to put on because it's so big.  It's fine for the middle part of your mouth but you have to open wide to get the corners.  It works fine and doesn't feel overly heavy.  They're tag line is "Can a lip balm make you smile? We think so."  And they're right.  It's cute packaging and for that alone I think it's worth it.  It also comes in a medicated version and a stick if you're not into the egg.

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